Shipping & Delivery

Thank you for your order. Orders within Singapore. We are pleased to contact you within 2 business days to confirm the specifications of your orders. Please ensure all contact details are correct, in particular mobile phone numbers. It will take approx. another *3 working days for delivery via registered mail after we have verified your orders, delivery addresses & time of delivery. For higher priced items will be hand delivered. Clear photo of item shall be sent to you & assure what you will be recieving. *Apply only for in-stock designs. Pre-order and customization, arrangement shall be made separately between our client and MS. Orders out of Singapore We shall contact you within 2 business days upon recieving an order. For in -stock items, it will be shipped to your specified address upon verification of your orders. It takes approx. 2-3weeks depending on which country. *Clear photo of the item shall be sent to you to assure you what you will be recieving. For customised item, example ring size, Arrangement shall be made between MS & our client. Thank you for shopping with us!

Return Policy

All orders are non-refundable. We shall send you clear photos of your order with specifications prior to delivery arrangement.

Tracking your Order

For delivery via registered mail, tracking number shall be provided.

Money Back Guarantee

We are confident to deliver your desired pieces in good quality and genuine materials. Money back 100% with proof for fake materials. All our pieces are imprinted with 925 Hallmark. An authenticity for silver above 92.5% and do not discolour. MS pieces are also protected with a layer of Rhodium to ensure everlasting shine. Our products do not discolour and are perfectly fine to run under water and soap. Do not use harsh chemicals to soak these pieces. No boiling temperature water as well. Please note that this will cause colours of natural gems or stones to change.

Privacy Policy

MS adhere strictly with PDPA. All clients' personal particulars and contact numbers shall be kept confidential.

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