Jaguar *Rental price

Jaguar *Rental price

SGD 35.00

Bold statement timepiece measures 18cm in length. Subject to availability..Bezel either round or octagon. This category kickstart your journey to rent MS Marcasite Jewelry! Have fun to experience different styles & change every fortnight! RENTAL Series apply for Singapore only. *Rent 2 items for 2 months. You may change the items every fortnight. *Upon recieving your order, we shall contact you & issue a rental reciept that you may change items every fortnight. *Please select Self collection upon checkout. *Stock in this category is not for sale. *A few scratches and lost of marcasites may be common for items on rental. However, any bad cracks/scratches on gem stones, or item is not returned, deposit of $50 will be forfeited. Otherwise, we shall refund deposit of $50 at the end of 2 months. *Not to worry, we shall remind you every fortnight if you like to change items. How to start? 1. Select Deposit to Start! $50 refundable if above conditions are met. Add to Cart! 2. Select 2 items in this category. Add to Cart! 3. Please specify all particulars especially your name & contact number. 4. Select Payment Option. 5. Select Self-collection. 6. Wait for our call within 2 business days! *Leave us a note upon checkout if you have questions. Or email to us or Watsapp 91411363

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